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Meet Matilda

How do we know her name is Matilda? Because our farmers know the names of all their cows.

100% FAMILY FARMS Our farmers hand their farms from one generation to the next. Just like their farms are kept with the family, also their cows are part of the wider family and treated the human way to preserve what is important.


True enjoyment comes from nature. With Mövenpick ice creams you enjoy the delicious taste of natural ingredients and pure cream from the Swiss Alps. Take the time to savour your own ice cream moment. Spoon by spoon. Because life is stressful enough.

The cream for our ice cream comes from family farms in the Swiss Alps. Our dairy farmers call their cows Matilda, Sophie or Candy and look after them with loving care. The fresh alpine air, the green grass of the magnificent hilly meadows and the crystal-clear water all contribute to our cows' natural nutrition. Our farmers let their cows spend as many days as possible outdoors in the pastures. In summer it comes to about 26 days per month, and in winter about 13 days. In order to maintain the highest quality, our family farms pass on their knowledge from one generation to the next.

With optimal living conditions, Matilda and her friends produce rich milk, which is processed into creamy Alpine cream. We at Mövenpick then use the milk and cream to craft our fine ice cream.

EDUCATED FARMERS How do we know our farmers provide best quality cream? In fact, in Switzerland, most farmers have been educated for three years in school, next to their practical education on the farm. So they really know what they are doing.

GRASS, HERBS, HEY, LITTLE CONCENTRATE FOOD Ever wondered how to best feed a cow? Just feed them how nature intended. Our cows are fed primarily on grass, herbs and flowers in summer, and on dried grass / hay in winter. Only little concentrated food such as corn, wheat or soy is added to their diet. Taste our Mövenpick ice-cream for a sip of nature ;-)

ALPING Most of our cream comes from the regions of Emmental and Berner Oberland. Especially in Berner Oberland many cows are up onto remote places in the higher Alps in summer to take in a variety of Alpine herbs and flowers for the extremely creamy and varied taste of our Alpine cream.  

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Why do we know our milk and cream is the best? Regular and strict controls from the milk until our ice-cream ensure that quality is preserved all along the way to your spoon. Take a spoon of Mövenpick Ice cream and experience the difference.

In Switzerland we know that to have something of good quality, we need to give it the time it needs. Thus, none of our cows receive hormons to increase milk production. They produce lower amounts of milk than elsewhere but we could bet that you can taste the difference.

No antibiotics in our milk and cream! Our farmers don't simply give antibiotics to their cows. Only if a cow is ill, it can get an antibiotical treatment. Promised, her milk is only used in our ice-cream when she is fully recovered!

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HIGH ANIMAL WELFARE LAWS Ever seen a happy cow? We believe our cows must be pretty happy. All of our cows can regularly move around the stables and have access to lawns to freely move and lie down wherever they want.  

NO GMO-FOOD There is a clear prohibition in Switzerland to feed geneteically modified food to cows. And you can bet on it, we keep to the rules.

NUTRIENT BALANCE Balance is key! Our cows take in all the goodness of nature when feeding on grass, herbs and flowers. As they are mostly fed on lawns, they also naturally dung the fields. Let's have the right balance of nutrients in the soil the natural way.

ECOLOGY Our Alpine lawns have a rich bio-diversity of flowers that give good food to our cows. And by the way, they also give room to bees, birds and other small mammals…protecting what is important.

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