Nature's best


nature's best ingredients

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”Open a window into the garden of pleasure” Ueli Prager, our founder, believed that natural ingredients would provide pleasurable indulgence. We believe that pure, natural ingredients and alpine cream can be blended together to create a delicious and premium ice-cream experience.

nature's best ingredients
nature's best ingredients

Why use artificial ingredients when real enjoyment comes from nature? This is the principle behind all we do here at Mövenpick. With every ice cream you can savour the delicious taste of pure, natural ingredients.

Each flavour has its own story. It tells about the origin of the ingredients and why we use these and no others. Whether it's Swiss chocolate, Canadian maple syrup or vanilla from Madagascar, these natural ingredients together with pure cream from the Swiss Alps let you experience the real taste of nature spoon by spoon.

We use only high-quality fruits for our ice cream flavours. Our sun-ripened apricots, for example, come straight from one of the sunniest spots in Switzerland - the canton of Valais. And we pick our raspberries by hand in the early morning hours to preserve their fresh taste. Mövenpick creates moments of pleasure that come directly from nature.

The main ingredients in our ice cream are cream and milk. On average, our ice creams contain about 37% cream and milk. The main ingredients in our sorbets are fruit puree and fruit pieces, to let you savour intense fruit flavour.

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